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The top 5 talent management challenges are:

  1. Attracting and retaining employees at all levels.
  2. Creating a value proposition that appeals to multiple generations.
  3. Developing a robust leadership pipeline.
  4. Up skilling employees to perform in changing environments.
  5. Transferring key knowledge and relationships.


Harvard Business Online June 20, 2008

It is generally accepted that mentoring can provide your business amazing benefits. In a single activity it allows management to address the majority of the top talent management challenges faced by organizations by increasing employee loyalty and improving performance.

Consider the following statistics:

  • 71% of Fortune 500 companies have a mentoring program ("Mentoring Programs Still Have a Place in the 21st Century,"
  • 60% of UK business leaders have had a mentor, and of these, 97% said they had benefited from the advice given (DDI, 2005)
  • 47% of organizations surveyed have mentoring programs (The Coaching/Mentoring Practitioner Consensus Survey, The Institute for Corporate Productivity, 2007)

And, do these mentoring programs produce positive outcomes?

A recent meta-study of 151 studies on mentoring found that over 90% reported evidence of positive outcomes from mentoring programs (B.C. Hansford, L.C. Ehrich and L. Tennent, 2003).

Mentoring Increases: Salaries, Promotions, and Retention

A comprehensive study in 2006 by Gartner, a Connecticut-based research firm of over 1,000 workers over a 5 year period, revealed the following benefits of mentoring:

  • 25% of employees who enrolled in a mentoring program had a salary-grade change, while only 5% of workers who did not participate in a mentoring program had a change
  • Mentors were promoted 6 times more often than those not in a mentoring program
  • Mentees were promoted 5 times more often than those not in a mentoring program
  • Retention rates also were higher for both mentees (72%) and mentors (69%) than for employees who did not participate in a mentoring program

So mentoring works, we understand that! Right?

The problem is it's not common for businesses to provide any kind of mentoring training.

Strangely for an activity that can provide such amazing benefits very few formal training programs exist and even fewer are commonly rolled out to managers.

So where does that leave you? Well as I experienced … it leaves you in your typical "sink or swim" situation.

About 5 years ago, I was a Vice President at an international insurance company when I was asked by one of the junior Officers to be his mentor … I figured I had two choices here:

  1. I could decline the offer and claim I was too busy to take on the additional responsibility or
  2. I could step up to the challenge, give it a shot and see what this mentoring thing was all about

Today, I am glad to say … I opted to step up to the challenge and experience all that mentoring had to offer and I can tell you honestly … it was one of the most rewarding decisions of my life.

But it wasn't all smooth sailing …

After accepting the role as a mentor, my very next thought was "WHAT THE HECK HAVE I DONE?? … I've no idea what to do next!!! … WHATS EXPECTED OF ME? … I'm going to look like an idiot!

Where do you start? The company had no mentor training or formal mentoring program … I felt like … as I'm the senior manager here … it's all on me to know exactly what to do … and how to do it.

The problem was … I DIDN'T!!

I felt sick to my stomach … not only was I going to disappoint the junior employee I had agreed to mentor … but I was going to look like incompetent in front of my peers.

So what would you do? … Go to the Internet right?

I immediately began a frantic search for any and all information in order to give myself … and my new mentee … the best chance of developing a relationship that was mutually beneficial and that achieved tangible results!

Now I don't know about you … but pretty quickly I had overwhelming-information-overload! And it seemed I was more confused before I started.

Don't get me wrong… there was a lot of great information, but it was spread out all over the place across so many different websites — PLUS — it seemed most of the info was for designed for community mentoring programs focused on troubled youth or addicts.

Nothing wrong with that, but not very helpful in my situation either … All I wanted was a simple "join-the-dots" all-in-one resource that could walk me through every single step from start to finish.

Do you know what I mean?

I remember thinking … "Just give me the info in one simple place….PLEEEASE!!!" Anyway… let me save you the trouble (and many brain-draining hours in from of the computer) because to my knowledge … there wasn't such a resource!

If you're happy to days patching it all together, like I did, then be prepared to feel frustrated, stressed, worried, confused, agitated and angry! And that's only on the first day!

The next big hurdle came a few months down the track … when inevitably my workload picked up and TIME was a major issue.

I was once again thinking why does this have to be so hard?

Our mentoring relationship was starting to take shape … we were getting to know each other … we had worked out our mentoring contract, agreed on a meeting schedule and completed some initial activities like documenting our goals for the relationship.

I didn't want to disrupt the processes by declining upcoming meetings … but I needed to make sure the time we spent together was maximised

Failure is not an option for me, I like to be the best at what I do and I don't like knowing within myself that I could have done a better job.

So, I bit the bullet, sat down again to spend many long after work hours planning meetings and activities to ensure I had a clear course of action and had some tools in my pocket that we would work on to drive results.

Finally! I had everything I needed! Regardless of what stage my mentoring relationships are at, I had a clear plan for what to do next to move forward and how to overcome any obstacles that sprung up along the way.

NOW AT LAST with the How to Mentor package you now have access to a complete no nonsense step-by-step guide to mentoring relationships. A workbook full of checklists, samples, tools and templates and a guidebook with information and advice for every step of a mentoring journey.

Just look at some the amazing information you are about to have available to you …

A quick preview of the valuable information you'll have at your fingertips …

  • Discover the history of mentoring – early days to modern twists (Page 8)
  • 8 compelling reasons why mentoring is right for you! (Page 17)
  • 7 habits of highly successful mentors (Page 21)
  • 5 key qualities to look for in an ideal mentee (Page 23)
  • The secrets to gauging and selecting a mentee (Page 24)
  • 5 sure indicators you're ready for mentoring (Page 27)
  • Discover the key aspects that guarantee mentoring success (Page 30)
  • The secrets to selecting a mentor that fits (Page 32)
  • 50 conversation starters and ice breakers (Page 42)
  • Experts reveal secrets to communication that works (Page 51)
  • How the best give and receive feedback (Page 61)
  • When and how to end a mentoring relationship (Page 64)
  • 13 keys to successful mentoring relationship REVEALED! (Page 75)
  • WARNING! Find out the 8 common misconduct mistakes mentors make. Don't make the same mistakes they're making! (Page 78)
  • PROVEN usable strategies for ANY industry!- 80 page workbook with 40 checklists, tools and templates covering all the stages of your mentoring journey, including step by step guides to:

    • Approach to prepare for your first meeting;
    • Developing a mentoring agreement; and
    • Reviewing your progress together


I am a Portfolio Manager at one of Australia's largest financial institutions and am responsible for mentoring a team of Project Managers. The How to Mentor Toolkit instantly gave me the tools I needed to actively boost my team's performance by mentoring the team for success.

- Chad Tucker, Portfolio Manager, Westpac Banking Corporation

The bottom line is you can find a lot of good information on the internet, that is, IF you have the time, patience and good judgment to sift through all the garbage and find the rare gems.

I know … I've spent many long hours looking for usable information myself.

Up until now that was the only option – open a web browser and start searching.

Finally, there is another solution, now you can get all the information you need to guarantee a successful, high achieving mentoring relationship in one place. No more scouring the internet for untested ideas and questionable advice.

This pack summarises advice from expert mentors who have tried and tested all of the methods and refined and perfected each of the activities to maximise their benefit. They are done, complete, and ready for you to use TODAY.

Here’s my opinion …

Mentoring is a privilege and needs to be respected for the impact it could have on another person's life. I really encourage you to think wisely before making the decision to become involved in mentoring. Mentoring is worth the investment to make sure you GET IT RIGHT!


The Best Feeling in the World…

Words can't explain the intense feeling of pride you feel when you see the success achieved by someone you've "taken under your wing". Imagine for a moment, its 3 months from today your still relatively new mentee calls to tell you they have just been nominated for an employee of the month award, in no small part due to your advice and guidance in building their brand and network. Your chest swells with pride. It feels great doesn't it?

Anyway…you're going to absolutely LOVE this pack!


This package has EVERYTHING that I wished I had
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So what do I mean when I say "a whole lot more"? Let me explain…

The complete How to Mentor pack contains everything you'll need at you finger tips so that you don't have to go searching for anything!

Let's take a closer look at these special bonuses for you…

FREE Extra Special Bonuses

50+ Active Development activities

Tried and tested tools to challenge your mentee to actively learn and develop. Enabling you to keep things interesting and work on the Right Things for success.

Never be without an answer when working through a topic or addressing a challenge. These activities will ensure your mentee progresses forwards and finds success and ensures your personal success as an effective mentor.

$147 FREE




40+ Conversation starters – quick reference guide

In this Quick Reference Guide you will find a set of Mentor Questions and Mentee Questions to help kick start the mentor mentee relationship.

Use these mentoring questions to find out a bit about each other in your first few meetings. They will help you determine things like what each of you wants from the mentorship.

$39 FREE

Over 30 Challenging Discussion Topics

Over 30 Challenging Discussion Topics to have between mentor and mentee / protégé.

You will find great topics like, lessons learned from past experiences, politics of your business, constructive criticism and networking.

Another handy resource in your mentoring for success toolkit!

$39 FREE


Corporate License for your Mentoring Program

By purchasing this package you will also get a Corporate Program License. This means that the tools, techniques and lessons in the How to Mentor pack will be available to everyone in you organisation. GREAT FOR TEAM BUILDING AND ASSISTING CAREER DEVELOPMENT

$2,000 FREE



One-on-one access to a mentoring expert.

If at any time in the first 3 months of buying this pack, you ever feel stuck on an issue or are seeking further advice you have access a mentoring expert for 2 complimentary 45 minute one-on-one teleconferences to discuss your questions, issues or concerns with one of the authors or a key contributor to this toolkit.

$1,200 FREE


Okay, it sounds like you've gone to a lot of trouble… How much is this going to cost?

To be honest with you, if I added up all of the countless hours and hard work and research I have undertaken, it would easily add up to thousands of dollars in labor time! I could easily sell this package for $1,899 – and it would still be great value AND worth a whole lot more! But don't worry I'm not that greedy… I've come up with a price that's fair for both of us.

So for the equivalent price of an online training course … you can have the complete How to Mentor package, INCLUDING all the free bonuses (valued at $5,324) for only $297 and that's it! I don't know about you… but I don't know any enterprise wide solutions that you can rollout for under $1,000 … let along for under $500! So I'm sure you'd agree … $297 is a tiny investment to develop yourself as a mentor with the potential of rolling out the solution to your whole business and really boost you're mentoring programs tangible results? Thought so…


How to Mentor Toolkit Product Launch

But here's another little surprise for you … Being the "launch" of this pack … I'd like to give you an extra special bonus just as a way to say thank you for reading this far …

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You're getting access to more than 20 years worth of experience … advice tried, tested and refined during personal one-on-one mentoring, so this is an absolute bargain in anyone's language!

Still not convinced How to Mentor is the best deal on the market?

Okay how about this, I'll take 100% of the risk away from you and put it all on my shoulders. How exactly am I going to do that?

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It's simple really … I believe that once you get your hands on these resources and understand their full potential, I couldn't pry them loose with a crowbar!

So there you have it…

You've really got nothing to lose right? If you're like me … I wanted to be sure that I had understood exactly what was expected of me and I had everything I needed on hand to ensure my own and my mentees success. With the information included in this package you can be assured that you will be equipped with ALL the required knowledge and checklists.

Anyway … if you want an "all-in-one" easy to digest guide for mentor and mentee success, then all you need to do is simply click the buy now button. What are you waiting for?

Okay, so let's recap what you're going to get

What you get Valued Your Investment
How to Mentor Workbook & accompanying Guide $1,899 $297
50 Active Development activities $147 Free
40+ Conversation starters – quick reference guide $39 Free
30 Challenging and Thought-provoking discussion topics $39 Free
Corporate License for your Mentoring Program $2,000 Free
2 complimentary 45 Minute one-on-one teleconferences $1,200 Free
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Total $5,324
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$297 $197.00


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P.S. Remember if your new to mentoring? Don't feel stressed, we've done all the hard work for you. The How to Mentor Toolkit will show you how to maximise your time and guarantee results from your mentoring relationships – the only mentoring resource you'll ever need.

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